These Are the Top 10 Trends on Pinterest for 2016

Visual discovery platform Pinterest has put together their annual Pinterest 100, a board of trend predictions across their top 10 categories.

“There are all kinds of recaps and best-ofs this time of year, but instead of looking back, we’re jumping ahead and making some Pinterest predictions for 2016,” the company writes. “We looked at trending Pins in popular categories, Pins from our most influential Pinners and even a few hand-picked by Pinterest employees.”

And based on their predictions, 2016 is going to be a very colourful and creative year.

We present to you Pinterest’s top 10 trends for 2016.

Home Decor:
In 2016, it’s predicted that geometric tiles are going to be the hot wall decals for your home.

Statement nails are sticking around this year, but in 2016 you need to ask for coffin nails, which will be replacing the popular half moon manicure.

For parents that are looking for a new way to keep their kids busy, Pinterest is predicting that coding classes for kids will be really popular.

For those interested in getting the latest must-have tech gadget, Pinterest predicts that DIY drones will replace the selfie stick.

If you’re looking for a new way to relieve stress and spark creativity, Pinterest is forecasting that adult colouring books will be the hot way to get your creative juices flowing.

Group of color pencils on rustic wooden background

For those who have caught the travel bug, we can all agree that there are few things that feel more rewarding than seeing your passport fill up with stamps. However, Pinterest predicts that getting travel tattoos from all of the places you have visited will be the popular travel trend.

Those who have yet to jump on the Stan Smith train (this includes myself) will still have the opportunity to do so in 2016, as they’ll be the trending sneaker this year.

Pinterest is predicting that avocado oil will be the new food trend for 2016, dethroning the reigning champ, coconut oil.

In 2015, the fitness world was buzzing with different workouts that targeted a more defined behind. But if Pinterest is correct, backs are going to be the new butts, so you can expect to see a lot more friends sharing their back exercises on your social media timeline.

For all of the green thumbs out there, cinder blocks are going to be the popular gardening trend for 2016, surpassing last year’s popular terrarium trend. Cinder blocks are great for gardening as they won’t deteriorate like wood and other materials.