These Are the Most Expensive Illegal Parking Spots in Toronto

As we told you earlier this week, parking illegally in Toronto just got a lot more expensive.

And as the City of Toronto also released their 2015 parking ticket dataset earlier this month, which outlines raw information on every parking ticket issued last year in the city, we thought it a good time to take a look at the most expensive illegal parking spots in Toronto.

Luckily, David Brait (inspired by the I Quant NY blog)  used the 2013 and 2014 datasets to compare the results year over year.

He began by looking into the tickets issued for the city’s maximum fine of $450 – tickets given for parking illegally in handicapped zones. He notes that some of the most frequently cited addresses include large, crowded lots where sneaky drivers may try to get away with parking in handicapped spots. These include 555 Rexdale Blvd (Woodbine)1090 Don Mills Rd (Shops at Don Mills) and 3401 Dufferin St (Yorkdale).

But, according to Brait’s investigative skills, most of the city’s greatest moneymakers are more obscure and discrete parking spots that have consistently stumped Toronto drivers. As it turns out, the top-grossing address for maximum fine parking tickets in Toronto (literally doubling any other address in the city) is 410 College St – so you may want to make a note of that.

College Street Toronto Parking

College Street Spot: Google Earth

In 2015 alone, 796 parking tickets were issued for a total of $358,200.

But it wasn’t just 2015 that was a major moneymaker: The spot generated $401,850 in 2014 and $291,150 in 2013.

Though 410 College takes the top spot as the city’s biggest revenue producer, there are a few other major cash cow parking spots, each raking in over $100,000 in max fine ticket revenue. Another spot is 18 Grenville St. (an unexpected spot for a handicapped designation). In 2015, the spot averaged close to a max fine a day, 342 tickets for $153,900, and in each of the last three years, maximum fines at 18 Grenville have topped $145,000.

Grenville Street Spot: Google Earth

Grenville Street Spot: Google Earth

Another “hot ticket” address is across the street from 35 Balmuto, just outside an eastside exit from the Manulife Center, which has topped $100,000 in fines the last three years, with 2015 yielding 326 tickets for $146,700. Finally, you may also want to think twice about parking at 60 Murray St, just west of Mount Sinai hospital. Last year, this spot produced 287 tickets for $129,150.

Toronto Parking Murray Street

Murray Street Spot: Google Earth

Don’t say we didn’t warn you.