These are the Happiest Professions in the World

What’s the world’s happiest job?

The result may surprise you.

According to an in-depth analysis carried out by The Guardian, engineers are the happiest professionals in the world.
Following closely behind are teachers and nurses.

The publication looked at nine different surveys, each of which were conducted in an attempt to find the occupations that bring people the most happiness. They then did there own survey of these surveys (how meta), seeking professions that appeared most often in the top 10 of each study. 

Importantly, the findings also reveal that a high salary doesn’t equal happiness.
Professions like gardeners, personal assistants, and construction workers, also made The Guardian list. While farm workers, hairdressers, and beauticians all only narrowly missed the cut.

The publication went a step further and asked what makes a job a happy one. Answers included: the ability to solve industry problems, the freedom to test ideas, working in jobs that are hobbies, variety, creativity, working outdoors, and making a difference in the lives of others, among others. So now you’ve got to ask yourself, do any of these apply to what you’re doing?
Here are the happiest jobs in the world:

Medical Practitioner
Construction Worker
Personal Assistant 

So, anyone in the market for a career change?


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