These Are the Biggest First Date Deal-Breakers

Yesterday, we told you 6 things not to do on a first date.

Indeed, there is an art to the first date. If you stick to the dos and don’ts, you should be OK – the rest is up to your shining personality.

Elite Singles now offers even more insight into the art of the first date. The dating site recently surveyed 1000 Canadian singles to determine some first date deal-breakers that could be costing you a second date.

As it turns out, some of the biggest deal-breakers were also the least traditional. For example, nearly 20 per cent would reject someone who immediately added them on Facebook after a first date. Meanwhile, some of the more “typical” first date faux pas, like being a bad kisser or a stingy tipper, barely seem to matter.

So, what are the biggest first date deal-breakers when it comes to modern dating?

Suggesting a ‘fancy’ first date idea.
We could have told you this – actually, we did. An overpriced hotspot is never a good first date idea. We’re not the only ones who think so: 84 per cent of Canadians surveyed think that the ideal first date is a casual one. Think coffee over pricy cocktails.

Lying about being a smoker.
An even bigger turnoff than being a (cigarette) smoker is lying about being a smoker. According to the single Canadians surveyed, one of the worst things you can do on a first date is lie about smoking habits. Of the singles, 70 per cent see lying about smoking as a major turnoff, making it worse than lying about weight (49 per cent), age (48 per cent), or height (18 per cent).


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Wearing your favourite outrageous t-shirt.
When it comes to wardrobe, there is one item you may want to leave behind. Obnoxious, wacky t-shirts (you know, the type that frat boys find funny) are considered the worst thing to wear on a date, with 66 per cent of Canadian singles calling it a major turnoff.

Getting too frisky too early.
Well, this one isn’t a shocker. For many single Canadian women, sex is off the table on a first date. Of those surveyed, 51 per cent of women view sex as a taboo subject for a date, compared to just 17 per cent of men. Given this, it’s not surprising that proposing sex is a major no-no for 44 per cent of women and just 6 per cent of men.


Being too good of a listener.
There’s being a good listener (an essential ingredient in a healthy, reciprocal relationship), and there’s being too good of a listener. At least that’s what the country’s singles are saying. While listening quietly is seen as attractive on first dates, being too attentive could cost you a second date. In fact – somewhat shockingly – the survey showed that 76 per cent of Canadians would rather date someone who talks too much instead of someone who just listens.

Taking pictures of your meal.
There’s some bad news for Instagram foodies (and wannabe foodies): taking photos of your food probably won’t go over well on a first date. In fact, snapping and posting your meal is considered so obnoxious that it’s seen as a bigger deal-breaker than being a bad kisser. Yikes.


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Taking a selfie mid-date.
This should go without saying. Use your selfie skills to score the date – not to bust out during the date. It should go without saying that excessive phone use is a major no-no (it’s seen as a total deal-breaker by 45 per cent of Canadian singles) in general. But a selfie makes it so much worse. One in four men loathed the mid-date selfie, an even bigger sin than being late.

Wearing a suit and tie.
When it comes to attire, the suit and tie is as much as a first date fashion faux pas as turning up in sporty activewear or Crocs. The reasoning is along the same lines that a first date should be casual. If you’re coming right from work, however, sometimes the office attire is unavoidable (so try not to judge).


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Draping yourself in jewellery.
Don’t don yourself with everything you can find in your jewellery box. Not only is it potentially distracting, it takes away from the preferred casual vibe of a first date. Nearly one third of Canadian men (and one in five women) deemed elaborate jewelry a deal-breaker.

Adding your date on Facebook
Think before you send that friend request. No matter how great your date was, according to the singles surveyed nearly 20 percent would be put off of a second date with someone who immediately added them on social media.


If you don’t think these deal-breakers really matter, think again. Canadian singles don’t have any time for a date that’s heading south. In fact, 81 per cent would be prepared to end a date early over a deal-breaker and 27 per cent have already done so.

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