These are the Best Coachella Fashion Trends From the Past Decade

Get out your fringe vest and crop tops: Coachella kicks off this weekend.

Each year the California festival attracts tens of thousands of music lovers from around the globe, putting festival fashion on the world stage.

Over the next two weekends, celebrities, music fans, and just about every fashionista under the sun will be displaying their best off-duty style – and we’ll spot the trends that will likely continue to dominate festival fields this summer.

While many festival fashion staples stay perennially the same — fringe, flat ankle boots, and bohemian floral dresses – certain cliché trends like flower crowns and culturally offensive headdresses should definitely be left behind.

We’ve rounded up our favourite Coachella looks from prior years that will get you noticed for all the right reasons, no matter what music festival you’re attending (here are the ones we’re most looking forward to in 2016).

A fringe item can instantly upgrade your regular outfit to the perfect festival look. You’ll not only look like you stepped out of a photo from Woodstock, but you’ll make a loud statement when you’re grooving underneath the desert sun.

Photo: Vogue

Rompers are ideal for festivals because they’re light and breathable for the warm desert weather. Not to mention, they’re great for layering over as the sun goes down.

Photo: Stylecaster

Head Piece 
Any festival veteran knows that flower crowns are a festival trend that should’ve been forgotten years ago. So leave the flowers behind and go for an edgier, updated look this year.

Photo: Teen Vogue

Denim Cut-Offs 
From Woodstock to today’s music festivals, denim has always been in style – and for good reason. It’s breathable, durable, and will keep you comfortable while you’re sitting on the pavement, rolling on the grass, and, of course, dancing up a storm.


Photo: Wanelo

Ankle Boots 
You’re going to be spending your entire weekend grooving outdoors, and no matter how hard you try, your feet will end up covered in mud. That makes ankle boots the ultimate festival footwear. Ankle boots will not only keep your feet dry and clean, but they’ll keep your toes protected in case anyone accidentally steps on them.

Photo: Buzzfeed

Bohemian Dresses
You can really get into the bohemian spirit with a dreamy flowy dress that oozes music festival style.

Photo: Spell and Gypsy Collective

Kimonos are perfect for music festivals because they pack on the style and warmth without all the bulk of a regular jacket.

Photo: Rocky Barnes Blog

Chunky Belts 
Throwing on an edgy belt will not only cinch your waist and tie your outfit together, but it can also add a touch of bohemian flair.

Photo: Danny Nguyen

Big Hats 
Hats are always a necessity for festivals because they’re just so damn functional. They protect your head from the hot desert sun, cover up your sweaty hair after dancing up a storm, and can give your friends something to look for in a sea of people in case you get lost.

Photo: Glam Radar