These are the 20 Most Romantic Cities to Propose in the World

Looking to pop the question this Valentine’s Day?

Or maybe you’re just preparing for the inevitable big day and trying to determine where to get down on one knee.

Well, Toronto’s a great place to start according to a global list of the top 20 places to propose in the world.

Ethical British jewellers Ingle & Rhode ranked the top 20 the most romantic locations in the world to get down on one knee according to Instagram. Toronto ranked 6th, and our West Coast neighbour, Vancouver, ranked 11th on the list.

The company turned to Instagram to determine their rankings, and combined data from four popular Instagram hashtags – #isaidyes, #proposal, #proposed and #heproposed – finding more than 250,000 with their geographical coordinates to find the most popular locations for people to get engaged.

From the data, 5.42 per cent of  the 250,000 proposals happened in Toronto.

“On Lake Ontario’s northern shore, Toronto is a city that is constantly evolving. It’s home to a world-class arts scene, cuisines from around the globe, thousands of hectares of green spaces, and soaring skyscrapers. From starry rooftop patio bars to salsa lounges, Toronto has a lively and romantic feel to it,” is how the company described Toronto’s appeal for romantics.

Top 20 Romanic Cities for Proposals

1. New York, U.S.
2. Los Angeles, U.S.
3. Seattle, U.S.
4. Miami, U.S.
5. Chicago, U.S.
6. Toronto, Canada
7. London, U.K.
8. San Diego, U.S.
9. Orlando, U.S.
10. Sydney, Australia
11. Vancouver, Canada
12. San Francisco, U.S.
13. Las Vegas, U.S.
14. Atlanta, U.S.
15. Paris, France
16. Washington, U.S.
17. Dubai, United Arab Emirates
18. Philadelphia, U.S.
19. Singapore, Asia
20. Honolulu, U.S.