These Are Canada’s Fastest Growing Jobs Between Now and 2020

Jobs are important, and a good way to set yourself up for a life without financial hardship is to be aware of what kind of work is going to be in demand in the near future.

Oh, and you should probably master the necessary skills.

Economic analysis from job site CareerBuilder recently revealed which Canadian industries will see the most growth over the next five years, the top two of which are highly affected by our aging population.

Community care facilities for the elderly and home health care services will see job increases of 13 and 12 per cent, respectively, between now and 2020. These figures are substantially higher than the 3 per cent increase across all jobs during that time.

Computer systems design and child-care services will each see growth of 11 per cent, while jobs in oil and gas extraction are projected to grow by 10 per cent.

Here is the full list, with predicted growth from 2015-2020 in parentheses:

1. Food servers in facilities for the elderly (23% ), Median wage: $10.89/hr
2. Cooks for child care facilities (22% ), Median wage: $12.21/hr
3. Community/social workers for the elderly (19%), Median wage: $20.80/hr
4. Managers – child care services (19%), Median wage: $33.97/hr
5. Software engineers and designers (16%), Median wage: $41.21/hr
6. Housekeepers and related (15%), Median wage: $14.64/hr
7. Oil/gas drillers and related (14%), Median wage: $35.21/hr
8. Accountants for oil/gas industry (14%), Median wage: $31.42/hr
9. Registered nurses in seniors’ facilities (12%), Median wage: $36.48
10. Home care nurses (9%), Median wage: $36.48/hr
11. Early childhood educators/assistants (9%), Median wage: $17.27/hr
12. Information systems analysts (9%), Median wage: $35.87/hr
13. Computer programmers/interactive media designers (7%), Median wage: $33.93/hr
14. Petroleum engineers (6%), Median wage: $50.35/hr
15. Nurse’s aides for home care (6%), Median wage: $19.20/hr

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