These Are 21 of the Most Dangerous Foods You Can Eat

There are a lot of things that merit fear in this world – the frenzy between dropping your iPhone screen-down on the floor and turning it over, exploding manholes, Donald Trump’s evolution from rotting pumpkin timelapse to serious presidential candidate, robots that can (and will) outperform you at work

And food.

That’s right, the one thing that sustains life on this planet can very well end it with the blazing velocity of an apricot seed pillaging your interior.

Or make it exceptionally unpleasant at the very least.

But since your Instagram still needs material, we know you’ll never stop eating. And it might kill you. As with most matters of life, a little education goes a long way, which is why Business Insider recently created an infographic to illustrate when ‘Don’t Put it in Your Mouth‘ warrants consideration.

From pufferfish to raw cashews, here are 21 foods you should not put in your mouth with reckless leniency: