These Are the 6 Canadian Universities Most Likely to Get You a Job

High school students face a lot of pressure in deciding on their future at just 16 or 17 years old – especially since choosing the right program or university bears such a significant financial burden.

What if there was some sort of ranking that helped them determine which school would make them the most employable upon graduating?

Oh, there is, actually.

Global university analyst QS has just released its annual Graduate Employability Ranking, which evaluates 300 universities from around the world based on five key aspects  – employer reputation, alumni outcomes, employer partnerships, employer-student connections, and graduate employment rate.

The top five shouldn’t come as a surprise, really – they’re among the most reputable schools in the world (Stanford, MIT, Tsinghua, Sydney, and Cambridge).

canadian universities

The good news is that six Canadian universities also cracked the top 100.

The University of Toronto (19), Waterloo (22), McGill (28), University of British Columbia (41), University of Calgary (81) and University of Alberta (91) were the schools that received top marks for their ability to get students’ feet in the door.

Schools with strong STEM – science, technology, economics, math – programs scored especially high, as did those with quality co-op programs, partnerships with employers, and good alumni networks.

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