There’s Finally a Way to Discover People You Don’t Already Know on Snapchat

Your Snapchat’s feed probably has the social range of a family reunion – you already know everyone there, which is the only binding obligation to give a shit about their mundane stories.

Forget stumbling upon anyone interesting; people crash weddings, after all, not reunions.

Unless you know someone’s exact username or found a QR code pasted on a public urinal, there’s no way to actually discover new people.

That’s about to change.

Snapchat has quietly introduced a ‘Suggest’ feature that allows users to recommend that a friend of theirs follow someone.

You can use the new feature by tapping and holding someone’s name in your Stories list, after which a dialogue box will open with a blue arrow. Selecting that arrow then allows you to send that person’s account to others.

Screenshot courtesy Techcrunch

Screenshot courtesy Techcrunch

Still missing is the ability to discover users who are interesting or that you may have a connection to based on an algorithm more trustworthy than your friends’ tastes,

Expect more dick pic accounts and damn Daniels coming your way.