There’s a New Website that Guesses Your Age Based on Your Photo…And it Will Hurt Your Feelings

Well, this could be a little soul crushing for some. 

And possibly ego boosting for a few others.

Most of us are at the age where the first signs of aging are starting to set in: the slight laugh lines, receding hairlines, grey hairs, and baggy eyes (all it takes is one late night these days).  And most of us aren’t thrilled about it.

We wonder how old we appear to others.

Well, now we don’t have to wonder – that is, as long as you can handle the potential for a harsh reality check. Enter How Old.Net, a new website by Microsoft that guesses your age. Basically, it’s a preview of what’s in store for the future of Microsoft, with smarter facial recognition applications. 

The app relies on huge amounts of data, and learns over time from the data people upload in order to make intelligent guesses. The app gets smarter over time the more than people use it.

Before you let its guess affect you (either positively or negatively), keep in mind that it could still use a little practice. We asked our Editor-in-Chief to try it out and it pinned him as 39. He’s 31 (burn).

Tip: judging from our experimentation, you’ll look younger with a colour photo vs. black and white. 

Go ahead and try it for yourself (if you dare). 


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