There’s a New App That Will Handle Your Breakup for You

Breaking up with someone – especially if your relationship was short-lived – is always awkward in some way.

That’s why there’s now an app called Binder that will take care of your breakup for you.

Loosely based on Tinder, Binder let’s you terminate a relationship with one swipe to the right, officially ‘binning’ the other person.

The automated breakup service asks you to select the gender of your soon-to-be ex, along with their name and phone number. You can then choose from a list of brutally honest (but pretty hilarious) reasons for your parting of ways.

You can choose from endings like “it’s like I’m living in some sort of unwakeable nightmare,” or “it’s not me, it’s definitely you.” If you’re heartless (and ballsy) enough to follow through, the app will act as the messenger. The other person will receive the harsh news via a phone call, one of an assortment of 37 pre-recorded breakup voice messages. They’ll then receive a blunt text message to ensure that the message was received.

Oddly, you’re also invited to send a picture.

If you listen to some, they’re actually pretty funny if sent as a joke… but the meanest thing ever if it’s not.

When the app is the creation of a beer company, Tennent’s Lager, and part of a new series of online comedy sketches – a show called Wellpark – you know it probably shouldn’t be taken to seriously.

Binder is now available on iOS and Android, but only in the UK – and currently only caters to heterosexual men (rude!). The company promises that a female-centric app is rapidly in the works.

Somehow, and somewhat sadly, we have a feeling that it won’t take long to catch on across the pond.