There’s a Friends Pop-Up Café Coming to Toronto

Oh. My. God.

This summer, Torontonians will have the opportunity to channel their inner Phoebe, Rachel, Monica, Joey, Chandler and Ross, as a Friends pop-up café will be opening downtown. 

The Friends-inspired shop will attempt to recreate the show’s iconic coffee shop, ‘Central Perk’, and will be “meticulously detailed,” reads the replica café’s Facebook page.

Torontonians and tourists are invited to snap a photo on the iconic orange couch, order coffee from the baristas who will all be named Gunther, and enjoy a donut or pastry inspired by the Friend’s characters and their legendary personalities.

The announcement comes a week after a Seinfeld-themed pop-up bar is scheduled to open in July.

The Friends café is set to open June 24 on King Street West will the exact location to be announced soon. So this gives you plenty of time to polish up on your Friends knowledge and learn all of the lyrics to Phoebe’s Smelly Cat.

This also gives Toronto men plenty of time to perfect their ‘How you doin?’ as there will be a contest to find Toronto’s very own Joey.

“In the spirit of the original, the final round of the contest will have a TV Script audition for our top 3 leading men. Come by and help us pick our $500 winner!” reads the event’s Facebook page.

There will also be plenty of Friends scripts, memorabilia, photo ops and great music for guests to checkout.

So if you’ve been missing your favourite television show, make sure to prove it by coming in costume – there will be prizes awarded to the group of Friends that come dressed as Ross, Rachel, Joey, Chandler, Monica and Phoebe.

Could we BE any more excited?