There’s a Cell Phone Black Market in Canada That You Need to Know About

If you live in one of Canada’s urban centres, chances are you pay too much for your cell phone service.

Way too much.

The price of mobile contracts in the Prairies, meanwhile, is incredibly modest – and a black market of fixers that hook you up with a phone number from Manitoba or Saskatchewan has emerged to offer Canadians unlimited everything plans for around $50.

So by now you’re obviously wondering how it works.

Essentially, what you’re doing is signing up for a cell phone plan out of province. Rather than travelling to the Prairies and doing that yourself, a group of savvy…um, hustlers…on Kijiji offer to set you up with Prairie cell phone plans, through Koodo or Fido, for a $100 fee.

There’s an element of sketchiness, however: users are required to share some personal information with strangers through Kijiji to complete the activation, which is almost always a bad idea.

Doing it all yourself, of course, is also an option.

For now, it’s small victory for the people.