There’s a Campaign to Have a Woman Featured on the American $20 Bill

Let’s talk about the number 20 for a second. 

In 2020, it will have been 100 years since women first gained the right to vote in the United States following the 19th Amendment.

That’s a pretty historic feat worth commemorating – perhaps even significant enough for representation on paper money. The problem, you see, is that being featured on an American bill has been exclusively reserved for men who have shaped American history. 

Now, there’s a movement to secure a “woman’s place on the money.”

Back to the number 20: the goal of the campaign is to replace current $20 figurehead Andrew Jackson (for good reason) with a notable lady who’s made an impact on the course of American history. 

The public has the ability to vote on who they believe is most fitting of the designation, from Rosa Parks to Eleanor Roosevelt. If the petition gathers over 100,000 votes, it will be sent to the White House for consideration. As it turns out, having the change enacted is actually a pretty simple achievement

All of this, of course, got us thinking about our own bills here in Canada: If you could replace one person from our cash to be replaced by an especially monumental Canadian woman (the Queen definitely doesn’t count), who would you choose?


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