‘There is No Substitute’: Designer Labels and Car Brands Are Now Making Condos

Armani, Fendi, Porsche. What do these three brands have in common?

Yes, Drake has all their sunglasses. But that’s not what we we’re getting at… 

All 3 of these brands, within the next few years, will have Miami condo buildings bearing their names and aesthetic approvals, unambiguously enabling the lifestyles they have grown to represent. Hey, if Gucci can co-brand a car, then why shouldn’t Porsche co-brand a home?   

There’s certainly no drought in demand.

Gil Dezer, of the father-son Dezer Properties team, has now sold more than 90% of the 132 condo units that will be available in the Porsche Design Tower, expected to wrap up in 2016 along the shores of Miami. And thanks to some breathtaking blueprints and a catchy name, he has also locked in at least a few units of the to-be-built-at-some-point Armani Casa. Condos start at $4 million and $1.5 million respectively. 

These buildings aren’t just extravagant billboards; they are meant to be emblematic of and complementary to the brands’ physical wares. For instance, the Porsche tower is allegedly designed to look like a piston. For those unfamiliar with car mechanics, you may recognize that engine component by its more colloquial geometric term, “the cylinder.”
And of course what would a Porsche-branded skyscraper be without three “car elevators” to gopher a 918 Spyder or a Cayenne Turbo between all 60 stories of the complex and its owner’s personal steel-reinforced garage. 

Oh, and apparently the place has a great view.
Perhaps in a few years we’ll get an Armani building made of denim, and open-concept Fendi layouts in the spirit of the Peekaboo. Or maybe Tom Ford will team up with his automotive namesake and design hybrid condos with seasonal wardrobes included in monthly fees. 

Whatever is in store, the future of excessorizing is undoubtedly a bright one. 


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