The World’s Most Expensive Dinner Costs $2 Million and is Completely Insane

For those times when you have a stupid amount of money and nothing to spend it on (y’know, normal people problems), a Russian diamond mining group has provided a helpful solution.

It’s being called the most expensive dining experience in the world and clocks in at roughly $2.6 million CAD.

Facilitated by World of Diamonds, “the 8-hour experience starts with a 45-minute helicopter ride over scenic Singapore, followed by a chauffeured Rolls-Royce drive and a private luxury cruise,” according to Forbes.

Singapore skyline at dusk.

The Singapore skyline at dusk.

Following this, the lucky couple will be whisked away to Ce’ La Vi, a restaurant/nightclub located on the rooftop of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel. There, they will be greeted with 10,000 fresh roses and treated to 360-degree views of the city. An 18-course meal will be served at sunset (candle-lit, of course). On the menu: chicken nuggets and French fries.

Just kidding, but can you imagine how awesome gourmet chicky nugs would be?

The menu includes classic one-percenter items like Champagne, oysters, and caviar, which will be consumed with, I kid you not, engraved diamond-studded chopsticks.

If you’re not already vomiting from this disgusting display of wealth, the piece de resistance is a blue diamond ring that the lucky couple will get to take home with them. Apparently the ring itself is valued at $2 million, so the over-the-top dinner is actually just a side dish.

The Jane Seymour blue diamond ring. Image: Forbes

The Jane Seymour blue diamond ring. Image: Forbes

Now, before you think that just any richy-rich can get in on this action, the experience will only be sold to a “qualified individual” chosen by World of Diamonds Group and Ce’ La Vi. The requirements? Your status (i.e. how influential you are), your affinity for blue diamonds, and how you plan to “flaunt/display” the ring.

As a girl who constantly debates between buying the pricier organic salmon over the regular stuff, I can’t even fathom what it must be like to be this insanely rich. One can only hope that the people who can afford to shell out for something like this are also putting their money to good use.