The World’s Largest Hotel is Set to Open in Mecca in 2017

You may want to start a Mecca savings fund.

The world’s biggest hotel – Abraj Kudai – is set to open in the holy city in 2017 – and it’s going to be unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

Towering 45-stories above deserts of Mecca, Saudi Arabia, the structure will be more like a luxurious city in the sky rather than a hotel. I mean, its features include four helipads, 10,000 bedrooms, 70 restaurants, and a sprawling convention centre, stretching across 1.4 million square metres.

Oh, and five floors will be reserved for the sole use of the Saudi royal family.

The desert fortress-style hotel will feature 12 towers on top of a 10-story podium that houses a bus station, food courts, a shopping mall, and an extravagant ballroom fit for royalty.

The hotel will be built in the Manafia district, just south of the Grand Mosque, and will cost about $3.6 billion dollars.

Once it’s completed, it will replace Las Vegas’ MGM Hotel as the largest hotel (in terms of number of guest rooms) in the world.

Construction on the Abraj Kudai Towers in Makkah