The World’s First Digital Mirror Will Change Shopping As You Know it

And suddenly, shopping will never be the same.

Thanks to this new digital mirror, everything you thought you knew about trying on clothes just changed.

The use of digital cameras means you can now try on say, a new dress, and have the mirror record you spinning around.

There’s a dual advantage here:

1. You no longer have to peek over your shoulder to see how good your ass looks. Aka: You can actually see how the dress helps/hurts all your best angles.

2. The mirror will save your spin-o-rama so you can compare it side-by-side with the next dress you try on.

But it doesn’t just stop there.

Want to know what the frock you’re rocking would look like in another colour? No problem, and no need to change. Just let your digital reflection do the work for you.

Perhaps the most game-changing aspect, however, is the fact that you can share your looks on social media. So no more making your friends suffer through endless fittings, just upload a few our your favourites and let them vote on the one you should buy.

Mirror, mirror on the wall, indeed.


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