The Works Joins Toronto’s Top Burger Ranks

The Works is an Ottawa-based burger bar franchise that made the move to Southern Ontario a couple months ago, and finally arrived in Toronto in the past couple weeks. Think of it like a Burger’s Priest for the masses: more space, more options, more chance to leave with the meat sweats. Perfect for the summer…right? 

The Works newest Toronto location is on the Danny, a spot where culinary variation is little. It’s called Greektown, after all. But adding to the burgeoning neighbourhood, The Works has brought along about 70 or so burger combinations to choose from. (Words of advice: If you’re going here with friends who are, shall we say, rather indecisive, send along the menu link and have them decide before going. Otherwise you’re set to wait about an hour for their choice to be made.)

Getting buzz are offerings like the Hunka Hunka Burnin’ Love, and ode to Elvis that sees peanut butter, bacon, and banana slices adorning your choice of five types of burger (beef, chicken, portobello mushroom, ground turkey, classic veggie, and elk). The Million Dollar KD – yes, as in Kraft Dinner – burger is worth a raised eyebrow as well.

Will The Works be able to contend with TO’s burger fantatics’ favourite spots? Likely, if only because the choice selection is so vast. Will it succumb to m:brgr fates? Not likely, since the near-20 other locations scattered throughout Ontario are doing quite well for themselves. Toronto loves burgers, and we love exotic flavour combos, so check out The Works and get your meat sweats on.

Photo courtesy The Works