The Whole World May Soon Be Blessed With Japan’s Space Toilets

There are A LOT of awesome reasons to visit Japan – space-age toilets chief among them. 

And if the Japanese government has its way, you may soon experience these divine icons of Japanese achievement in the comfort of your own home. 

Toto, the Apple of smart toilets, is an industry leader in a domestic toilet market that’s worth several hundred billion yen and will receive a significant promotional boost so the world can “experience elements of Japanese culture that are difficult to explain in words,” according to the company. 

Foreigners will get a first taste of this inexplicable experience upon entering a Toto showroom at Tokyo’s Narita international airport, which is probably better than anything you’d stumble across at a standard trade show.

The hope is that tourists will fall so hard for these high-tech human waste depositories that they’ll have no choice but to return home and install a digital toilet.

And fall hard they will. Seriously, look at these things; sculpted seating, obviously heated, water to clean your ass, and then a fan to dry it… 

These toilets – you bet your ass you’ll love ’em.


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