The Whole Internet RSVP’d for This Autistic Ontario Boy’s Birthday Party

When Odin Camus of Peterborough, Ontario invited his schoolmates to go bowling with him for this 13th birthday last Friday, not a single one agreed to go.

By that evening, the whole Internet had RSVP’d. 

Odin struggles to make friends at school because of his Asperger syndrome, so his mother set up a Facebook event to make sure he felt loved as he rang in his teenage years.

The response was astonishing. 

Someone rented a limo for his arrival at the bowling alley. Elijah Wood and Carrie Underwood tweeted him birthday wishes, just two of 11,000 that night. People from coast to coast, Puerto Rico to Spain, sent him messages on Facebook. A couple of Blue Jays wrote him a personal note. Even Justin Trudeau got in on the action. 

And perhaps most importantly, the reaction created enough of a stir to help remind us that people like Odin around the world face similar challenges every day – one of the few instances where ‘awareness’ through social activism has value.

Happy belated birthday, Odin.


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