The Walrus Talks Comes To YYC

Here’s something notable for your social calendar: at the end of the month, you can catch a special event being hosted by the Walrus Foundation, a non-profit charitable organization known for bringing together influential people to encourage conversations on issues that are important to Canadians. 

As part of the High Performance Rodeo, the Walrus Talks event will be taking place on January 28th at the Jack Singer Concert Hall (205 8 Ave SE), where a group of speakers including a Juno Award-winner, a well-known filmmaker, a handful of best-selling authors and a brilliant physicist will be in attendance to talk about the theme of Tomorrow. 

Eight speakers from every different background imaginable will each have seven minutes to offer their insight on what tomorrow brings for us as a nation and as individuals. The audience will be privy to stimulating ideas on energy, culture, urbanization and many more intriguing topics. 

Dianne Francis, a best-selling author on immigration, finance and economics, will share her ideas on how North America may need to reposition itself to maintain an economic foothold in tomorrow’s global marketplace. Is it time to look at Canada and the United States merging? 

Michael Sikorsky of the mobile app company Robots and Pencils will be talking about the future of mobile technology in the palm of our hands. This local Calgarian, who has made several best-selling apps including Spy vs. Spy, has spoken at the Harvard Business School and Stanford University, and was named as one of the 50 Most Influential People by Alberta Venture. If you are one of the many people out there who see your cell phone as an extension of yourself, then you won’t want to miss this presentation.

Les Stroud, who is best known for his work on the popular TV show Survivor Man will be talking about our relationship with nature and how that relationship will continue to change as we face more environmental issues; a great way to learn more about survival in nature in the future. 

You’ll also have the chance to hear from Neil Turok, a former professor of physics at Princeton who has worked with Stephen Hawking, on theories that explain the birth of universes. MC phenomenon and Juno Award-winner Shad will also be speaking along with CBC Host Terry O’Reilly. 

Don’t miss out on the event that will have everyone talking! and The Walrus would like to send you and a friend to this extraordinary event. If you’d like to attend the Walrus Talks Calgary event simply tweet @NotableCA with the hashtag #walrustalksyyc for your chance to win. 

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