The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Through the Eyes of The Coveteur’s Jake Rosenberg

At last, the night countless women have been waiting for had arrived. The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show aired last night on CBS and it didn’t disenchant. Some may even say that the show is the woman’s version of the Super Bowl and despite the cleavage and impossibly perfect and scantily clad women featured throughout the program, it is aimed for the lingerie company’s female audience.

In attendance at the show, along with fashion designer Valentino Garavani, singer Adam Levine, numerous celebrities and bloggers, was The Coveteur’s photographer and Toronto native Jake Rosenberg.

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With an all-access, backstage pass, The Coveteur’s Jake Rosenberg shadowed The Victoria’s Secret ‘Angels’ to get an exclusive peek behind-the-scenes. 

“It is a spectacle unlike any show I cover,” he says. “The women are exquisite and the energy incomparable. Being part of the entire affair is always an honour.” 

The hour included performances by Taylor Swift and Fall Out Boy, who concurrently sang and mingled alongside the girls on the runway. 

“This year was very different from last year. I did enjoy the performers and themes better last year, but each show is notably important in it’s own way. This year’s show really incorporated the audience, which I thought was especially enjoyable,” Jake tells us. 

When asked what the most surprising thing about watching the girls backstage was, Jake replied, “The most unexpected thing I witnessed was discovering that a lot of the girls like to do their own makeup, or at least complete the finishing touches after the makeup artist is finished.”

Famous models such as Alessandra Ambrosia, Adriana Lima, and Cara Delevingne are paid as much as $1 million annually, not only for their exquisite looks, but also because of the forged bond made between the models and their female fans. Some of these models have over three million Instagram followers, which acts as a powerful marketing tool. 

The show cost $12 million to produce in the past and was filmed twice on November 13th to ensure that every angle was captured perfectly. They also featured a $10 million diamond-encrusted bra called the “Royal Fantasy Bra,” as this year’s theme was “Royalty.”

Comprised of 4,200 stones, a spectacular 52-karat centre ruby from Burma, blue and yellow sapphires, diamonds, and an 18-karat gold set, the bra was molded to model Candice Swanepoel. It took four months and 12 people to make and was designed by jeweler Pascal Mouawad.

Jake explains that his favourite part of the spectacle is “trying to tell a story from a different angle. Each year has it’s challenges and surprises, which would have to be the highlight of covering the show… that, and all of the girls in lingerie, of course.”

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Cover Image Courtesy of: Jake Rosenberg for The Coveteur

Other Images: The Coveteur and CBS