The Upside Now: Find the Beauty

There is beauty in everything. Every little thing. There is beauty in the way you feel after a meeting. Good meeting, bad meeting, any meeting…there is beauty. 

There is beauty every time you wake up early and break a sweat before work, even though your body and mind at first may have told you that you were too tired. You still went. That is beautiful. 

A night with the person you love. Beautiful. Sundays with family – there is beauty in the room.

Closing a deal. Launching your website for the first time. Making the world a better place. Helping someone less fortunate. Helping yourself. Brief coffee meetings with someone who inspires you. Inspiring someone else. It’s full of beauty. Beauty is everywhere.

Find it. It’s there. It’s waiting for you to see it. You leave the meeting thinking, “Why?” Why did I not go after that opportunity? Why did I not work late and accomplish what I know needs to be accomplished in order for me to reach my goal? That goal could be big, small, whatever. There’s beauty in going after every goal. Not saying you will. Actually doing it. Feel your raw beauty.

Cloudy day. Rainy day. Lousy day. Sunny day. It’s your day. That is beautiful. 

Closing a deal is beautiful. Actually, it’s stunning. But so is not closing it and learning why you didn’t close it. See, there is beauty in the why. It’s up to you to find it, learn from it, and come back with a more definite approach next time. Oh yes, that is stunningly beautiful. There is always a next time. But don’t get too cozy.

I find beauty when I bounce out of a rut quickly. I find beauty when I break through what I thought was possible in business, love, life, and my own personal growth.

On days when I can’t see the beauty, I create it.

Next time you see beauty, just say ‘hi’.

Julian Brass
Founder and Publisher,