The #UltimateM4 Experience in Istanbul, Turkey

They say it’s a county of two ages coming together, a place where old meets new and where days are as well lived as nights.

I say it’s that and more. Much more. 

Turkey isn’t just another hidden gem; it’s a must-visit for any jetsetter worth their first-class upgrade.

The Drive
Now, aside from trying to stay ahead of the ‘rat race’, I haven’t done much racing in my life… especially car racing (keep this in mind when watching the video directly below). But, obviously, I’ve always wanted to. 

So stepping into the new BMW M4 was like giving a rocket to a grade school kid who dreams of being an astronaut – and telling him to fly.  

The BMW tagline for the M4 Coupe is “become one with the machine,” and let me tell you: when you’re pushing insanely high speeds (I’m talking 240km) produced by the most modern technology, you pretty much do become one.

In fact, you have to.

The Experience
The BMW M Power Experience 2014 was about the new M4, but it was also about so much more. After an outstanding flight experience with Turkish Airlines, I landed in Istanbul and was escorted through customs and taken to a comfortable private car where I was graciously entertained by a local guide and taken directly to the W Istanbul. 

The M Power Experience brought me from the track to the hottest restaurants and bars in Istanbul, and still offered the historic elements of the city that every tourist has to take in when visiting. Some of my personal favourites were Topkapi Palace and Hagia Sophia.

But let’s not forget the nightlife – from partying beside the Bosphorus at Angelique and Reina to dining at Nobu. Of course, sipping cocktails at the posh Mikla wasn’t too difficult either.

Ultimately, the entire BMW M4 experience literally “wowed” me. If you want to understand why, just watch the video.

And hold on. #UltimateM4