The Top 5 YPLife Articles of 2012

Our YPLife section got a little busier in 2012 thanks to our growing base of contributors and range of subject matter. The YPLife section covers everything from career-related articles to urban living and dating/relationships, and is designed to relate to fellow young professionals as we navigate this crazy, competitive world of young adulthood. There were some that just seemed to resonate with readers (either evident by the number of social media shares or comments and emails) and now we bring you, in no particular order, the top 5 YPLife articles of 2012.

Dating, Hookups…the Grey Area
We kicked off 2012 with an article on that was met with a great response by fellow young professionals who found themselves in the dreaded but ever-so-common grey area in relationships. This article outlines how the grey area (while seemingly ideal for certain parties involved) actually causes more headaches then an actual relationship, no matter how far from “settle down serious” that relationship is. Although the number of “likes” has disappeared (thank you computer glitch), this article kicked the year off on a high note, as it seemed fellow “grey area” enduring YPs could relate.

Why Every Young Professional Should Have a Blog
Earlier this fall, Jessica L. Scott Reid stated a strong case for why every young professional should have a blog. Of course, it was well received by bloggers and social media savvy YPs. She outlines five reasons why YPs could benefit in professional, social and philanthropic initiatives by having a blog.

10 Things You Didn’t Know at 18
Remember that summer after high school graduation when you thought you knew it all? This article outlined 10 things you didn’t know at 18…but that you hopefully know now! Back in July, this article by Erin Davis was quickly shared through social media channels, likely due to the fact that it is universally relatable among young professionals. 

4 Things Entrepreneurs Should Know About PR
Public Relations can be costly for the young entrepreneur. This article by fellow YP Jackson Wightman, a Montreal-based DIY PR agency owner, outlines four essentials for do-it-yourself PR. He offers first-hand insightful knowledge on everything from listening to pitching and dealing with journalists. In a nutshell, he advocates to “Listen before talking, interact and help before pitching – and then reach out to media in a quick and personalized way.” 

Who Am I If I’m Not A Suit?
In this recent article (one of the last, but certainly not least of 2012) Alison Milward asks whether we must in fact choose between being a suit (with those steady “day jobs”) or being an artist – a common dilemma among creative-minded YPs. She questions whether we can do it all. She speaks with someone who does, in fact, seem to be “doing it all,” Rachel White, the Director of Creative Operations for Lancôme in New York City and actively creating artist. For any YP who has ever felt you have to choose between your corporate self and your creative self, this is a must-read!