The Top 10 Toronto Hangover Foods

If you haven’t checked out The Weekender yet, you might not be aware that this weekend is shaping up to be a bit of a doozy. There are enough drinking events happening in Toronto to make your liver consider seceding from your body even before your first beer. But we’re not here to talk about those long nights – we’re here to discuss the even longer days that come afterwards. More specifically, what you eat when you’ve got a hangover. Over the past few years, JUST EAT Canada has noticed a 30% increase in orders the day after St. Paddy’s Day. Below you’ll find both the top 10 hangover foods and the 10 most ordered cuisines on March 18th. Disagree? Then let us know your favourite go-to when the luck of the Irish has left you for another year.  


1. Chicken – Plain ‘ol poultry is a good idea when you’ve been tossing back green beer all night.
2. Rice – Starchy and filling, rice is nice when your room’s a-spinnin’.
3. Egg/Spring Rolls – Utensils are a waste of time.
4. Sushi – More specifically, maki rolls. We assume people feeling guilty about their previous night’s debauchery order this – you
know, trying to get back to their healthy lifestyle.
5. Beef – Sometimes you just need a good shot of straight protein to get back to normal.
6. Wings – Mild, medium, or super-spicy – who cares, just as long as that goodness gets in us.
7. Naan – Indian is always a good idea going down…
8. Pizza – Really? #8? Maybe that’s because you don’t want to order what you already ate at the end of the night…
9. Fries – We hope these are coming as a side. If you’re just ordering fries as a full meal, you’re in trouble.
10. Noodles – Like sushi, you’re trying to hard.


1. Chinese – Sometimes a fortune cookie is the only thing capable of carrying you out of your shameover.
2. Pizzerias – We have no idea how pizza as a food is #8, yet pizzerias are #2 on this list. Who are all these people calling pizza places for food that isn’t pizza?
3. JapaneseDomo Arigato, Mr. Roboto. Your secret is that you’re hungover.
4. Thai – Closest you’ll get to a beach all day.
5. Indian – Apparently curry is a cure for a lot of you.
6. Canadian – Poutine and maple syrup forever.
7.  Italian – Wait!? How is pizza separate from this? What is going on here?
8. Greek – Meat from a huge, rotating spit always tastes better.
9. American – How are burgers not higher on this list?
10. Middle Eastern and Vietnamese – Appropriate that there’s a tie for the tenth and final spot, ‘cause making up your mind after a hard St. Paddy’s Day is nearly impossible. 

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Cover image: That’s Nerdalicious

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