The Text Game Done Changed: A Middle Finger Emoji is Finally Coming

Apple held a big conference or something recently to announce a bunch of things like a pencil, but by far the most significant recent news from the recently founded watch manufacturer is that more emojis are on their way.

Most importantly, the mythical middle finger you’ve always wanted to use.

That’s not all though, you’ll also be getting unicorns and burritos when iOS 9.1 is released later this fall.

Why should you care, you ask? Well, considering the time we live in, and the way we communicate, this is kind of like the English language gaining a third of its vocabulary at the touch of a software update.

Christmas Island, Antarctica, and Vatican City will have their flags featured in the new batch of emojis, which adds insult to injury for legitimate countries that have yet to have their national flag included. A mosque and synagogue are also relatively noteworthy additions.

And while the addition of a mythical creature (the aforementioned unicorn) seemed an appropriate update for Tim Cook and crew to take care of, a red-haired emoji continues to not exist. #priorities