The ‘St. Paddy’s Legit Excuse Generator’ Will Help You Get Out of Work Tomorrow

Of all the days in the year you might let your friends get the best of you, St. Patrick’s Day might be the most likely.

Because realistically, many of us are going to go for a celebratory green pint after work today, which will probably lead to far too many shots of Jameson, inevitably resulting in you pulling an Irish goodbye (see here how to do that properly) so you can go home to pass out.

So what happens tomorrow when you wake up feeling like a leprechaun is doing an Irish jig on your forehead and you can’t think of a suitable excuse to get out of, well, everything?

The St. Paddy’s Legit Excuse Generator, that’s what.

In order to make everyone’s hangover a little more manageable, the kind folks at East End Project have created a website that will generate a variety of excuses to get you out of whatever it is you have planned tomorrow.

The generator promises to, “Cover your arse this year by sending an email before you get too Irish on St.Paddy’s day. You get to pick who, what to say and when to send it – we take care of the rest.”

All you have to do is muster up the strength to select who should receive your message. You can pick from your boss, co-worker, or special someone.

Next you select what you want your excuse to involve. Some believable options include: You can tell your boss you were abducted by aliens, tell your co-worker you’re lost in Mexico, or let your sweetheart know a pack of Chihuahuas have taken over your office and you’ll be stuck there all night.

And even if they don’t believe a pack of Chihuahuas wearing little sombreros held you hostage at your desk, it’s still funny enough to ease your bailing on them.

With excuses this good, your arse will definitely be covered.