The Social Lockerroom Brings Fitness Online

For busy but fitness-focused young professionals, scheduling time for fitness and making it fun just got a lot easier. Usually, we try to squeeze the gym into our already packed schedules whenever we can but know that we, like many fellow YPs, don’t always live up to our fitness potential. Enter Social Lockerroom, an online platform that provides the tools and support needed to increase personal well-being and enhance motivation to attain a healthier, more active, more social, YP life. Perfect for young professionals, Social Lockerroom is set to redefine athletic interaction online.

Social Lockerroom allows members to share recent workouts, training regimes and diet suggestions, as well as set personal goals and track progress. It provides a productive online social networking platform encouraging members to compete with one another and find activity partners, teams and training groups. Users can discover and create groups that match their skill and sport interest, enabling athletes to plan, track and coordinate their fitness schedules and find other like-minded individuals in the same city who share a love of things like tennis, running, hockey or anything else active.  

Much like other social networking platforms, Social Lockerroom features a news feed, “My Lockerroom,” that is made up of friends’ status updates. By adding friends you get to stay in-the-know on how your friends, family and colleagues are staying active and achieving results. Once you enter the Social Lockerroom, you can get fellow YP friends involved by sharing the website link or any status updates on your Facebook wall by simply clicking on the icon in the bottom right hand corner.

For the single YP, Social Lockerroom may actually open the doors to new possibilities; love connections are known to develop over physical activity and interaction, and Social Lockerroom offers the option of uploading a picture to your profile, immediately opening up the dating door. 

Signing up to Social Lockerroom is easy. It first asks you to upload a photo, then your city and postal code. Select activities from a list of categories like combat sports, everyday activities (yoga and pilates), every day sports (from baseball to rock climbing), fitness, racquet sports and winter sports. Social Lockerroom is sure to help in reaching fitness goals, adding structure and consistency to an active lifestyle. YPs can sync their everyday calendars with their Social Lockerroom and make it a part of everyday life.