The Shoe That Says ‘Dynamic’ at a Job Interview

Young professionals (YPs) across the country know how difficult and competitive our cities can be when it comes to searching for a job. As they say, searching for a new or first post-university full-time job is a full-time job in itself. Scoring that job interview takes work and is usually (both literally and figuratively) your first step in the door. It doesn’t end there, though; you need to leave a lasting impression as another applicant likely already has and another probably will. This means everything from your handshake, to your eye contact and body language. Of course, this also means your wardrobe. After all, you not only want to look the part, but reveal bits and pieces of your dynamic personality through subtle clues in your wardrobe that compliment your stellar people skills. 

Shoes can reveal a great deal about a person and potential job candidate. Someone with well-maintained, stylish and interesting shoes just may stand a better chance of being remembered. ALDO has just the shoe for that job interview this spring for the young professional lady and gentleman alike. Far from mundane, they are sure to leave a lasting impression and maybe even inspire conversation with your (hopefully!) future employer. 

For the YP lady, we think that ALDO’s Elak shoe conveys a clear message of ‘beyond status quo’ during a job interview. The gold-capped toe and the crocodile-like texture reveal you opted to go above and beyond the typical black ballet flat, and are sure to catch the eye while revealing your exceptional character. Although we are not opposed to wearing heels at a job interview by any means, flats are always a safe and practical option, especially when paired with a pair of skinny pants, ranging from black and sleek “workpants” to bold-coloured denim (depending on the type of profession) and a flowy silk blouse and blazer. They also pair well with a nicely tailored dress and a few touches of gold jewellery. Flat, relaxed and comfortable, the shoe is perfect for pounding the pavement when heading to your next interview later that day.

For the YP gentleman, you’ll make an impression with ALDO’s Ulbawes shoe. These shoes say stylish, refined and that your tastes (and likely your work ethic) are sensible, yet forward-thinking and dynamic. These Western-inspired shoes will add an instant touch of style and sophistication to your favourite pair of dark jeans or even a crisp navy suit. At $125, they won’t break the bank either. They are two-tone and lace up, with a textile lining and a rubber outsole. For an extra touch of flare, replace the laces with a coloured lace – a trend making a huge appearance for the upcoming warmer months.

When it comes to the job interview, remember that it’s all in the details, from your resume and your conversation skills right down to your shoes.