The Review: Brasserie Kensington

The name is simple and says it all: Brasserie Kensington is indeed a brasserie in the trendy neighbourhood of Kensington. Located at 1131 Kensington RD NW, this second-level restaurant has one of the best menus and views in the area – an entire wall is window pane that overlooks the street. Despite the great view, it’s what’s happening inside that has YPs from all over the city flocking in.

‘Brasserie’ by definition is a French restaurant with a relaxed, upscale setting. Brasserie Kensington’s inspiration comes from “everything [they] love about European food and atmosphere,” and these guys have definitely hit the mark.

Inviting rich woods, cozy tables and a great banquette have you dreaming of old world eateries, but with a modern and sexy twist. Interested in watching the masters in the kitchen as they work? The banquette or bar seating is ideal, and with such a great team you’re bound to be chatting with them before the end of the night.

The ambiance may be laidback, but the food is anything but. The menu moves beyond the borders of France and has influences from French, Belgium, German, and Italian cuisine with a little Quebecois thrown in for good (Canadian) measure. Their poutine menu is one of the best in the city – the toppings are creative and gourmet, while their frites are cooked in the 100 per cent duck fat deep fryers.

The menu is great if you are dining traditional restaurant style, but we definitely recommend you eat family style with your cohorts. Share the Foie Gras Potato Skins topped with herbs, shaved gruyère, lardons and black truffle essence, or the Smoked Alberta Pork Hock served with sauerkraut, roasted potato and European mustard.

As Western Canada’s top seller of foie gras, it has to be mentioned that they actually have roasted whole lobe foie gras available on the menu…we’ve tried it and it’s amazing.

With such decadent food, you’ll need an equally upscale beverage to wash it down. Be adventurous in what you choose because everything has been thoughtfully chosen to pair perfectly with Brasserie’s food. Brasserie Kensington has 50-plus hand-crafted beers to choose from and an exceptional old world-dominant wine list.

Open seven days a week, this is an ideal destination spot whether you’re entertaining clients or looking for a late night meal (the kitchen is open till midnight on weekends).

In addition to their fantastic evenings, Brasserie’s open bright and early on Saturdays and Sundays, offering one of the best brunch menus in the city.

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