The Real Housewives of Toronto Episode 2: All’s Fair In Love and Tequila

It’s about time Toronto got it’s own chapter of the Real Housewives legacy! Last week in episode one we got to learn a bit more about all the ladies in the cast and joined them on their journey to an exclusive facial rejuvenation “procedure party” that was both glam and kinda gross… Oh la la? Needless to say, there’s drama to discuss.


Episode 2 kicks off with Roxy (who doesn’t wash her own hair) making a smoothie for her assistant, but this isn’t your average smoothie. In fact, it’s fancier than a martini and goes perfectly well with all the tea Roxy spills about the facelift party and Kara being Kara. After the beverages are split, Roxy decides she needs to throw a “Roxy Fabolous” tequila based no husbands party to show the girls how to really get down.


The blondes *cough*cough* we mean Jana and Joan meet for coffee to also gossip about the surgical themed evening and Kara’s lack of listening skills. They’re also not pleased with her behaviour.


Speaking of Kara, she heads off to date night with her husband Greg who she always kisses and holds for 10 seconds? That’s… something… also Kara apparently prank calls Roxy pretending to be Julia Child? Pranks aside, Kara is still worried about the whole face hickey situation but her hubby talks her down asking “does it really matter?”

RHOTep2img4 copy

Apparently it does matter, as Roxy and Ann meet for lunch to talk about the upcoming tequila party, but mostly end up talking about Kara face hickey drama. Also, Ann teaches us an easy way to remember how to pronounce Grego’s name, “rhymes with lego.”


Grego and Roxy visit Joan’s stunning bougie hotel like house to FURTHER discuss the procedure party. The ladies open a bottle of wine and get the Kara gossip going. Spoiler alert, Grego is NOT a fan. The eyebrows say it all…


Meanwhile, Joga founder Jana is doing – you guessed it, JOGA! In case you missed it, that’s yoga for jocks, which also includes jokes about divorce. In the words of Jana, “Namaste bitches!”


Kara and Roxy meet up to walk their dogs and to “speak the truth in love!” aka DRAMA DOT COM!


Kara’s mad at Roxy for talking about the face hickey and Roxy is mad at Kara for sassing her. Corporate wife problems right? The whole thing blows up and the two just can’t agree and it turns into what Roxy describes as “a totally shit show!”

Kara then meets up with Ann for coffee and to come clean. Kara apologizes kinda and even though Ann is confused they make amends. From there, Kara meets up with some Ambi people to talk about their biggest charity gala yet. They ask her to join the charity gala host team and she’s so ecstatic she quotes some scripture!


Grego gets ready for the tequila party with her friend Karine who helps her pick an outfit apropo of the theme while Ann tries to get her “dark cloud” of a daughter to help her pick an outfit for the tequila party but her daughter just reads her mom for filth and calls her a hooker and a crazy person. Bless her young teen heart.


Jana and Ann hop in a limo underwearless to the party because it’s a tequila party! Who cares! The rest of the ladies arrive in their Roxy inspired outfits and drink their Roxy inspired cocktails called The Roxy! Bare minute after toasting, the Kara gossip is already being served along with the tequila tastings. Jana does a great Grego impression and a happy dog Kara impression.


From the Kara drama, the girls move on to relationship talk and we learn that Ann broke up with her shitty ex with giant cue cards like that Love Actually scene but the opposite. Jana gets emotional talking about her ex and we all got teary ‘cus we’ve all dated shitty dudes.


The girls drink a million drinks and talk about how excited they are for Joan’s Muskoka doc party and oops, Kara’s invited…


Roxy hopes Kara will have apologized to her by then but something tells us there’s even more drama around the corner…


Next week, the dock party! How many glasses will they break? What will Kara think when she learns she wasn’t invited to the tequila party? Tune in to the next episode to find out & tweet at us to let us know your thoughts about The Real Housewives of Toronto! See you next week!