The ‘Real Housewives of Toronto’ Could be Really Good or Really Bad for the City’s Image

Love them or hate them, The Real Housewives are now a reality in Toronto.

Today, Slice revealed the cast for the debut season of The Real Housewives of Toronto, which airs March 7 on the network.

And no – the cast of the reality show doesn’t include any of the blatantly obvious social scene staples (word is, a lot of them declined). The good/empowering news is that most of the cast has their own thing going on independent of the success of their husbands.

They’re smart, savvy and celebrated.

So, who are the housewives?

Kara Alloway is a fashion blogger who was previously a fashion reporter for Toronto’s E-Z Rock and the fashion and beauty editor of Homemakers Magazine. She’s currently the marketing director Alloway and Associates Professional Corporation, a law firm owned by her husband Graham Alloway (so expect no shortage of ‘subtle’ mentions). Montreal-raised actress and dancer Gregoriane (Grego) Minot is the wife of Pierre Jutras, who runs the Spoke Club and Spoke on the Water. (So, we have a feeling that the estrogen-filled crew will be wining, dining and creating drama at the Spoke Club more than once).

Ann Kaplan Mulholland is a powerful businesswoman who is the CEO of iFinance Canada, the parent company to Medicard, Petcard and Dentalcard (which finance medical, dental and veterinary procedures, respectfully). Though married to cosmetic surgeon Stephen Mulholland, she makes a major name for herself in her own right and even made the Maclean’s list of Canada’s Top 100 Women in Business.


Joan Kelley Walker, who describes herself as “the small town girl living the big city dream life,” is married to the CEO of Magna International, Don Walker. The former model contributes to Huffington Post Canada, is a World Vision Ambassador and has been recognized for her work with things like a Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal.

Roxy Earle is a self-proclaimed “style entrepreneur” who shares her fashion insight (and expensive taste) on her website The former marketing and advertising executive is the second wife of tech investor Raghu. Finally, Jana Webb – who actually isn’t married – is a fitness CEO and single mother. She is the CEO of JOGA (yoga for jocks), with a client base that includes professional athletes like Jose Bautista, NHL prospects and NBA players.

If you didn’t know who they were before, you definitely will soon.

Whether the ladies take the typical catty route, or keep it classy, polite and “Canadian” remains to be seen. But judging from the trailer, the latter seems far from the case. What we do know (based on Slice’s press release) is that the series will follow the women at home in Toronto, Muskoka and Barcelona, and “dining at Toronto’s top restaurants, attending lavish soirees, travelling first-class to luxurious destinations, and shopping for the very best in designer clothes, shoes and jewelry.”

Hopefully, the ladies can use the platform to showcase Canadian clothing designers, artists and Toronto’s vibrant culinary and arts scenes. In showcasing the city in all of its restaurant, design and view-filled glory, the show could actually do great things for exposing the vibrancy and appeal of Toronto to outsiders.

If you look at these women as somewhat of city ambassadors, it could also go sideways pretty quickly if they don’t play their cards right.

Let’s just hope the series makes us look better as opposed to worse (please).