The Purim Games: Just Jew It

After a roaring first success, this Sunday, March 16th, the who’s who of Old Port scenesters are back to throw their 2nd annual holiday festive bash, The Purim Games, at the beautiful St-James Theatre brought to you by Chabad of Old Montreal. The “Old Montreal Jew Crew” is putting on a party of Olympic proportions, complete with some doozie grown-up games, open bar, a king’s feast, killer DJ tracks and, most importantly, some good old Purim spirit.

Although Purim is well-known as an excuse to dress up in wacky costumes, to drink (a lot!), and to simply make merry, it is much more than a “Jewish Halloween.” Spiritual reflection prevails as Jews are called to relive the deliverance of their ancestors by reading the story of the young and heroic Queen Esther, who, in vanquishing the villainous Haman, secured their safety and prosperity. As an expression of thanks, all Jews are encouraged to eat, drink and be merry, and to use Purim as a special opportunity to give back to those in need through charity and acts of kindness. Really just a feel-good occasion if we’ve ever heard of one.

So that settles it. The Purim Games are a sure bet for your Sunday night one-stop-shop: good food, good times, and some festive spirituality. Champions of the games will have the chance to win some epic prizes, and everyone is guaranteed to have an epic afternoon. Throw on some sports attire or come as you are; the point is just to get into the Purim spirit. If you’ve never done the Purim thing, well now’s your chance to see what it’s all about. As the hosts like to say, “Just Jew it.”

The event takes place this Sunday March 16th starting at 4 pm – 10 pm at the St-James Theatre on 265 Saint-Jacques Ouest, Old Montreal. Suggested donation is $36, see all you athletes there!

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