The Problem With Tinder

Last week we provided you with a Tinder breakdown – one of the readily available apps that are helping to change the dating game. As we said last time, it’s brutally efficient in its selection process, and feels a lot more like playing a game than as a way to find a potential partner. So while you now know how to use Tinder, it’s time we take it up a notch and give you our list of the biggest beefs we have with it. If you’ve already downloaded and started ‘playing’, beware of these common issues.  

You Know People On It
Hey, maybe this is what you want. Maybe you want to be able to ask your co-worker out without having to approach them at the office. But trust us, this is not the way to go about it. The fact is, you’re going to run into co-workers, friends, acquaintances, and exes, and it’s going to be awkward. ‘Cause if you see them chances are they’ve seen you and that whole X vs. Heart debate gets all the more tricky. Our suggestion is to tread lightly with anyone you know.

The Hook-Up Effect
Tinder isn’t a website. It’s doesn’t make you answer millions of questions for its fancy algorithm to decide who you’d do best on a date with. It’s a bunch of pictures of people with a multitude of different intentions and expectations. Frankly, it’s really hard to know what you’re heading into after simply texting a few times and Tinder does have a bit of a reputation for being the place to go to get some. Adding a line or two to your profile outlining what you’re looking for might save you a lot of time and at least one “hey, baby, you look like an angel.” Seriously.


The Swipe Mentality
People say we do this all the time – see someone in public and quickly pass judgment on them. What’s that old line? Most people know whether they’d sleep with someone in the first two minutes of meeting them? While that might be an exaggeration, the problem that swiping creates is one of false plentitude. Suddenly our expectations are super high that the next person will be ‘the one’ so we keep swiping and swiping til we get there. Have a bad date? No problem, keep swiping. Have a good date? Who cares, keep swiping. Just like you never really die in a video game, it seems you never really strike out on Tinder – you either win or just keep playing.

Pictures Don’t Say A Thousand Words
Remember that whoever said that they did was talking about fine art, not some selfie taken at the beach. The point is, no matter what someone’s picture is attempting to tell you (if there’s a tiger or elephant in their pic they went to SE Asia – how original) you don’t know anything about them. Just because they look nice in their profile doesn’t actually mean they are. Bottom line, don’t confuse desire for destiny; a few hot pics don’t equal true love. 


The Internet is Forever
Some people just don’t seem to understand this. If you think putting up a picture of your abs or your cleavage is a good idea now, you just might regret that later. And since the Internet is forever, you won’t be able to do anything about it. Forget the millennials, at this rate our generation will be known as the generation-of-embarrassing-photos. Also, it should definitely be noted that we have friends who’ve deleted their account only to find out that months later that people are still coming across their profile. So yeah, choose wisely. 

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