The Perfect Wines to Get Cozy With This Fall

The signs are clear, Canada is slowly but surely rolling back into Stage 2 of the pandemic protocol.

Though the ongoing uncertainty has had its own host of challenges to manage, with cooler months ahead of us and patio season on the out, now is a great time to stock your wine rack with some exciting new selections other than that tired Cab Sauvignon you choose time and again. With this in mind, why not ditch your typical go-to wine picks for some of Deutschland’s finest. 

While Germany is synonymous with its chief export, beer, it may surprise some to discover that they are the eighth-largest wine-producing country in the world. From aromatic whites and sparkling Sekt to versatile Rieslings and perfumed reds, there is a German wine for every quarantine occasion.

What completes a wine night better than charcuterie? Our favourite to pair with German wines are delectables from Freybe Charcuterie. Freybe salamis use only premium pork, are hand-dipped, fermented using best in class techniques, and are hardwood smoked for up to 6 weeks for optimal flavour and texture. The flavours are inspired by rich German heritage that will be an excellent addition to your wine night.

Aromatic Wines

German white wines come in all variations, from sweet to dry to medium bodied or light. They are the most versatile pick if you have a plant-based lifestyle, if you enjoy meat and fish in your meals, or if you really know how to live, with truffle parmesan popcorn.

German wine picks:

Baden Gewurztraminer

Dachshund Pinot Grigio


A beautifully balanced bubbly, Sekt is crisp and dry and a great, pocket-friendly alternative to champagne or prosecco. Plus, it will make your next at-home brunch extra-special. 11 am cocktails, anyone? 

German wine picks:

Henkell Trocken

Relax Bubbles

Elegant Reds

Germans love Pinot Noir (called Spätburgunder in Germany) so much that hardly any bottles get to travel and see the world. Dornfelder is their second most popular red variety — offering deep colour, gentle tannins and lovely red fruit flavours. These reds are the ultimate Netflix and chill pick for you, and an impressive choice for a virtual wine tasting with friends.

Villa Wolf Pinot Noir Pfalz

Black Tower Dornfelder Pinot Noir Pfalz


Riesling is Germany’s versatile masterpiece. It’s likely you’ve enjoyed some of this delicious variety, but if you haven’t then you surely are in for a treat. Everything from tangy, bone-dry Mosel wines full of lime and mineral notes to the lush extravagance of ripe sweetness, there is a perfect riesling for you.

Dr. Loosen Berkasteler Lay Riesling Kabinett

Relax Riesling, Mosel

With a glass of one of these wonderful German wines in your hand, kick up your feet, get comfortable and stay safe out there as we ride out the colder months of social distancing. 

This article was created in partnership with Wines of Germany.