The Perfect Stress Free Christmas Tree

You know what’s warm and filled with Holiday spirit? A Christmas tree glowing in your living room. You know what’s not? Going to pick the damn thing up. 

We all like to pretend that going to choose the perfect tree is a Christmas tradition full of love and happiness. Well, maybe it is if you’re not the one freezing your fingers off while you attempt to strap the nine-foot monster to your rent-a-car in sub-zero temperature only to drive through Toronto traffic so you can drag it up the stairs (or God forbid try to put it in an elevator), and get your arms pricked roughly eleventy-billion times while you try to stand it up straight in a stand that was clearly never intended to actually do its job. Sure, if none of that is happening, then picking up a Christmas tree is just peachy.

Well, don’t worry young professionals (YPs), we know how busy you are. And we also know how nice it is to have a real tree to come home to. Not those fake plastic trees Radiohead is always going on about or one that looks as if the Keebler Elves might even be forced to say, “that’s really more of a shrub, don’t you think?” No, thanks to the good folks at, we’re talking about having your very own Ontario-grown Fraser Fir delivered right to your door. Not only that, but these fine gents will bring a stand and protection mat for your floor, too. Just jump online, pick the size of the tree you want, set up a drop-off time, and you’ll have yourself a fresh tree faster than you can find last year’s decorations.  

But here’s where the service really sells itself. After you’ve opened all your presents, taken down the decorations, and strutted yourself right on into 2014, will come back and take it all away. That’s right, you’re still doing nothing (doesn’t it feel good?). Once they’ve removed the tree from your lovely abode, they’ll toss that bad-boy into a chipper to turn it into biodegradable mulch, which they’ll then use to replenish soil in landscapes, parks, and schools. How does that not make you feel all warm and gooey inside? And for every real Christmas tree they harvest, they’ll plant another one in its place to ensure this remains a renewable way to celebrate the holidays. 

We don’t know about you, but if we can find a way to make even one aspect of Christmas a little more stress-free, we’re on it like a red nose on Rudolph. That’s why our office is currently decked out with an Fraser Fir. But hey, if back pain, pinpricks, and cold weather are your jam, then that’s cool too.

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