The Oscars Are Drastically Changing the Way Winners Will Give Speeches

A few things we tune into the Oscars for: Chris Rock, seeing who’s drunk, watching Leo get snubbed, seeing whatever mess has become of our formerly beloved childhood actors, election jokes, and being schooled on environmental policy.

Something we do not tune into the Oscars for: thank-you speeches.

So to do everyone a massive favour, the Academy has decided to scrap on-stage thank-yous. Instead, all nominees will name everyone they want, need, and plan to thank on a card. When they win, those names will then scroll at the bottom of the screen, like breaking news during a CNN broadcast.

Inside Out writer and director Pete Docter shed some light on the change in an interview yesterday with Vulture.

“This year, apparently, they’re doing a thing where you can ahead of time give a list of names so you don’t have to read them. They’ll scroll along the bottom,” he says. “It was in my package from the Academy. It’s 80 words. If you email them a list by some point in February — my mother, my sister, my agent — they will scroll it across the screen as you speak.”

It’s very likely, of course, that few people will tune into the ticker once the words “what’s the deal with white people…” come over our TV speakers.