The Notable Merchants Second Edition Packs House and Leaves Smiles

The first edition of our collaboration with Old Port’s The Royal Merchant 5 a 7 soiree left a major mark on the Old Port, so it was anticipated that the second time around would be just as sweet – if not sweeter.

So what did you miss or want to reminisce from last Thursday? The charming tavern was filled – and we mean filled – with old friends, fresh-faced newbies, and young professionals from all over the city and beyond that packed the house to network, socialize, sip on some well-deserved cocktails and taste the finest pizza courtesy of the Pizza Season. The atmosphere was truly magical.

The Movember bar had action on its own with the PR master himself, Josh Silver, doing his best Tom Cruise in Cocktail impersonation as he poured out vodka and Stewart’s shots in the name of Movember donations.

Laughs were had, cheers were made, and the event carried well into the night. Apparently 5 a 7 is just a figure of speech.

And we expect this Thursday, November 28th, to be the same. At 5pm, when the doors open at 394 Rue St. Jacques Ouest, we highly suggest you have your game face on – even if it’s just to pose for the various press in attendance.

We’re talking tequila and Stewart’s Happy Hour, free delicious tacos from 5 till 7, Mister Josh Silver running the Movember donation bar (back by popular demand), the finest selection of oysters supplied the best Mothershuckers have to offer and, of course, a seamless combo of classic tunes and modern beats to keep the crowd enjoying themselves far past curfew once again. A big thank you to our partners at Cyber Relief for all their beautiful graphic work!

Early arrival is highly recommended.

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