The Notable and lululemon Attic Sweat Series Presents: Queenie Phair

Join Notable on Monday, September 26th in The Attic – the top floor of the new lululemon concept store designed to embrace art, sweat, and community at 318 Queen Street West.

Space is limited so reserve your spot before you miss your sweat and your zen.

Queenie Phair will be leading a one-hour practice from 12 – 1. The practice will begin with mindful transitions from asana to asana, as you challenge yourself both physically and mentally. Twist, fold, lengthen, and strengthen, working to build some internal heat through a ladder flow.

Expect to break a sweat as you reach the peak of this power ladder yoga flow class.

Creative sequencing will guide you from one posture to another, effortlessly.

This is a multi-level fast-paced class with many variations and options, but not recommended for beginners.