The New Ice Hotel Just Opened and the Pictures Are Absolutely Amazing

Located about 200km north of the Arctic Circle, in the Swedish town of Jukkasjärvi (je-AUkis-JAR-vee), there are about 553 things. 550 of them are people. One of the things is a lake and another is a wooden church.

Perhaps the most well-known thing in Jukkasjärvi however, is The Ice Hotel.

Technically, it’s not the Ice Hotel; it’s the 26th Ice Hotel. They actually rebuild the thing every year because, you know, ice. So on December 11th, after 100 people worked almost 50,000 hours over 12 weeks to construct 5,500 sq ft of frozen beauty, the 55 rooms of the world famous (26th) Ice Hotel are now open for bookings.

And those 55 rooms, along with the ice bar, main hall, and lobby, look insane.


Before we give you a straight-up eyegasm, here are a few interesting facts about the place:

– The rooms are -5 degrees C (not so bad for us Canucks)
– Their chandeliers are made from 1,000 hand-cut ice crystals
– The amount of snow used to construct the hotel could make 700 million snowballs
– Between December and April, the bar will serve approximately 26,550 drinks in ice cocktail glasses
– They offer Swedish Sauna Rituals, sashimi served on ice, and northern lights wake-up calls

Rooms start at about $400 per night. However, mind-blowing photographs and perky nipples are both complimentary.