The Most Notable Quotes from Canadian Entertainers

A lot of great stuff has come out of Canada.

Perhaps most notably, our ever-impressive line-up of singers, actors, and entertainers.

And since many of them have come out of Canada, some pretty great stuff has come out of their mouths.

As we count down to Canada Day, here is some of the most inspirational and entertaining content we’ve ever heard from of our most inspirational and entertaining Canadians…

Ryan Gosling - Candy


Matthew Perry - Not Paying Attention


Seth Rogan - 18 Year Olds Jason Priestly - Categorize Yourself


Celine Dion - Cool


Michael J Fox - Dignity


Feist - Maple Syrup


Captain Kirk - Woman


Kim Cattrall - Men Cheat


Jim Carrey - What You Love Pamela Anderson - Natural Beauty


Norm Macdonald - Doesn't Cost Much


Alanis - How and Why


Keanu Reeves - Meathead


Justin Bieber - Role Model


*Important Note: Justin Bieber has been previously been charged with vandalism, assault, dangerous driving and driving under the influence, and in 2014 inspired a petition from over 270,000 US residents to the White House to have him deported.