The Meet the Parents Shoe

What polishes your look, no matter what you wear? That’s right, your shoes. When it comes to meeting your significant other’s (SO) parents for the first time, there is no chance for a second impression; the first one needs to count. That’s why we rounded up the perfect pair to help you dress-to-impress the parents. Remember, it’s all in the details (don’t think they don’t notice) – from your manners to your conversation skills – in addition to your look. Your outfit provides many personality cues, and your SO’s parents will judge you based on what they see for the first time. Construct the perfect outfit with these go-to, in-law approved shoes.

For the ladies… 
A polished, conservative look is a must for a lady; parents look to see that you’re polite and put-together… ALDO’s Vanhoy shoes suggest you’re a youthful, young professional. The grey leopard pair is perfectly on-trend, therefore suggests you love fashion, whereas the black/navy combo suggests playfulness. So if the rendez-vous goes well, you’re in prime position to hit the town for some cocktails – in-laws in tow.

For the guys…
When it comes to meeting the parents, think one word: Gentleman. You want to play it safe and practical, but also reveal that you are confident and serious enough to be a boyfriend. That’s why you’ll get that nod of approval in ALDO’s Rider boot. Dress it up with a blazer for an effortless semi-formal look, or wear it dressed down with a leather jacket for a more laid-back approach. We love them in cognac, but they also work well in black – either look will guarantee their last words of the night will be, “So, when will we see you again?”





Image courtesy of: American Pie on YouTube