The Little Give Project

It’s always great when a company goes above and beyond in their attempts to give back to the community or to charities. Edelmen PR is doing just that, and writing a cheque isn’t even the half of it. Starting at 4pm today, the Edelmen teams in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver will contribute a little bit of money but a whole lot of people power in an effort to help support 10 local charities. Sounds notable, right? Well not only is the endeavour great at its base, but what’s amazing is the timespan: Edelmen is dedicating the next 48 hours to this initiative.

In two days, they will shape PR plans, renovate spaces, create new websites, and the list goes on, all to support the 10 local charity partners. Toronto’s Edelman team of close to 100 employees – mostly young professionals – will be working on chosen projects, which will then be judged by an esteemed panel on criteria such as success in leveraging the company’s cash contribution, bringing attention to the non-profit’s mission, and making a difference in the everyday lives of children.

The local charity partners in Toronto are Green Thumbs Growing Kids, City Life Film Project, The SPOT, Kids Up Front, Youth Assisting Youth, Camp Awakening, Humewood House, The Remix Project, and Interval House. These 10 charities have a shared characteristic: they don’t get nearly enough attention or support for their endeavours. If you would like to learn more about Edelman’s project, check out The Little Give.