The Little District Adds Big Flavour to Lower Lonsdale’s Dining Scene

Having quietly opened on the North Shore about a week or so ago, we were dying to head over to North Vancouver’s Lower Lonsdale (LoLo) area to check out the latest culinary offerings brought to life at The Little District.

Owned and operated by Chef Paul Mon-Kau (of neighbouring hot spots El Matador and The District Brasserie), The Little (as it’s been dubbed), is big on style and an eclectic mix of globally-inspired flavours. 

Over the past several years, with all the residential construction coming to completion in the Lower Lonsdale area, dining in this North Van neighbourhood has blossomed at a steady rate. Accessible by car or short Seabus ride, it’s worth noting that there’s simply no excuse not to make this an option for your next date night.

Playing off a penchant for share plates with a decidedly European-Mediterranean influence (mixed olives, mussels, cod fritters, fried oysters and fish tacos with Spanish paprika mayo), The Little District serves up plenty of savoury grub you’ll want to dig into.  Unlike its established older sibling, however, The Little has included a subtle culinary nod to the South, with a few BBQ-style offerings listed. 

A pared-down menu covers everything from go-to bites such as hand-cut patat friets (thick cut, twice fried potatoes), a burger with blue cheese, Cobb salad, grilled cheese and tomato soup, to more adventurous options like their oven-roasted bone marrow and boneless demon wings and catfish Po’Boy. With an emphasis placed on sharing, there’s plenty to entice you to taste your way through a handful of dishes in good company.

Rounding out the menu nicely comes a rotation of craft beer, wine list and selection of inventive cocktails using bourbon as the base. On our list of must-sips, we suggest you order their take on the Modern Mule, Old Fashioned or Apple Crisp and take it from there. 

The Little District is located at 1336 Lonsdale Avenue in North Vancouver and open daily for dinner until late.

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