The Latest on Toronto’s Scene: October 11th, 2011

What’s buzzworthy in Toronto? Well, in true Hogtown fashion, a host of new restaurants and bars have opened up or made a change in the past few weeks, and here are some interesting highlights you should note…

Holy Chuck Burgers recently opened at 1450 Yonge Street, bringing a bit of humour to the gourmet burger bandwagon – and also offering a less-DT locale for burgerphiles to grab their next fix.

A new upscale sushi spot is opening at Adelaide and Church in the ill-fated space that housed short-lived French restaurant L’Apero. Not much info is known about the new eatery, suffice it to say we’re pretty stoked for another chopstick-heavy resto…even if we already have over a dozen frequent faves.

Kensington’s Mr. Cream is gone for the cold seasons, and in its spot at 61 Kensington Ave is Easton’s Charcuterie and Prepared Foods, serving up, you guessed it Sherlock, charcuterie. And before foodies cry out against the charcuterie craze becoming too a la mode and accessible, let’s be honest: one more charcuterie hotspot is totally applause-worthy.

The Counter at the Thompson Hotel has been rebranded as the Thompson Diner. There aren’t really any other changes (though we’ve heard some staffing switches may have occurred…)

Everyone’s buzzing with the news that Susur Lee has secured a spot on Dundas West (at 777 to be precise). Can we take a minute to applaud this just-west-of-DT strip’s rise to culinary greatness…? Apparently the as-yet-unnamed restaurant will be run by his sons Levi and Kai.

The County General opened not too long ago at Queen and Shaw, and we’ve heard this new space is already doing crazy business. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, brunch are all on menu, with a great selection of drool-inducing sammies.

Another new Italian restaurant opened recently, this one in the Financial District. Modus Ristorante (pictured above) is helmed by former Brassaii chef Bruce Woods. The space is sleek and swanky to say the least, and the prices, are, well, swanky too.