The Judy Behind The Beauty Arrives in Montreal

It takes a village to bring a photo to life. And the villagers? They’re industry-leading hairstylists, makeup artists, wardrobe stylists, prop stylists, photographers, casting agents, bookers, studio managers, account directors, and assistants, just to name a few. How do you find a village made of exclusively A-list talent? You call Judy Inc

Judy Inc. is Canada’s leading artist management agency with a clientele pulled from fashion’s crème de la crème – think Holt Renfrew, Lise Watier and celebs like Robert Pattinson, Jennifer Hudson and James Franco. If you’ve ogled a captivating campaign, a lust-worthy lookbook, or a seductive editorial spread, you’ve most likely witnessed Judy magic at work. With top talent and a growing international presence, Judy has expanded from its chic Toronto home, opening an office in Vancouver and, most recently, in Montreal. 

From Rudsak to Reitmans, Essence to Elle Quebec, Judy is behind the beauty. Among the Montreal talent team are wardrobe stylist Tatiana Cinquino, who has clothed celebs as notable as George Clooney, photographer Genevieve Charboneau, who has shot for Elle, Clein D’oeil and LOULOU, and rising star, makeup and hair stylist Cynthia-Christina who has already lent her expert hand to top publications including the cover of Elle Québec. Other new and notable talent includes photographers Marie H. Rainvillle, Nelson Simoneau and Jorge Camarotti, and fashion and wardrobe stylists Catherine Simard and Fritz.

Judy’s mod and minimalist Montreal office doubles as a sleek and chic studio, complete with a built-in white wall and fully-equipped kitchen. The studio can be used by the Judy artists or rented out for outside projects. Running the Montreal madness is Director Claudine de Repentigny and Booking Agent Elly Savas. “It’s hard to really describe my job,” explains Elly, who says that organization and versatility are some of the keys to Judy success. “At the end of the day, you’re working with personalities so you never know what to expect. I could have the catering all set up for a shoot and then, at the very last minute, you discover the model is vegan.” 

What’s the secret to making Judy magic? “Every time you’re dealing with a booking, it’s a new page,” explains Claudine, whose background includes 15 years of experience as director and partner of Folio Models. “You need to figure out what’s best for your artists and your clients, which means you have to be a good psychologist and a very good juggler.” Is there anything Judy can’t manage? “We always try to say yes. If the client wants a pink elephant, well, we call the zoo.” 

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Model photo on cover: Maude Arsenault for Judy Inc.

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