The Irish Heather Resumes Long Table Series in YVR

After a long workweek and hectic weekend, what young professional really wants to slave away in the kitchen? We sure don’t. One of our favorite Gastown gastropubs has come up with the perfect solution via their well-known Long Table Series at a cost of only $16 (includes craft beer). Understandably, the concept has garnered quite the avid following over the past year or so and hatched more than a few long-standing friendships along the way.

Here’s the scoop: every Sunday and Monday night, you can make your way down to Irish Heather (located at 212 Carrall Street) for a 7:00pm start. Once the welcome bell has been rung (yup, that happens), all 50 or so guests make their way to the 40-foot-long communal table for a feast. This communal style of dining sees strangers mixing with tourists and interesting conversations free-flowing as easily as the beer and wine. 

Sunday’s menu is centered around a traditional Irish meal (with all the fixings). Enjoy roast beef, Yorkshire Pudding, roasted and potatoes, while #MeatlessMonday is, well, meatless but tasty. One thing is certain: the dishes are seasonally unique, so expect a lot of comfort foods for fall to compliment this feast away from home.

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